Quality of work

In a survey on the quality of work carried out by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB / BID), the Dominican Republic finished on rank eleven.

It was examined which of 17 Latin American countries has more and better jobs. Out of 100 points, the country gets 55.09. According to this index, which measures labor force participation, occupation, formality and jobs with sufficient wages, Uruguay, Chile and Panama performed best.

They are followed by Argentina with 62.4 points, Costa Rica (62.17), Brazil (61.15), Ecuador (59.48), Paraguay (57.44), Colombia (57.41) and Bolivia with 55.49 points.

After the Dominican Republic come Perú (54.78), Mexico (50.26), Nicaragua (48.43), El Salvador (48.26), Honduras (45.33) and Guatemala (44.94).

The IDB publication reaffirms that work is of the utmost importance to both individuals and economies as a whole. The discussion on work in Latin America aims to promote policies that can lead to better employment conditions. "This is especially needed in a region like ours, where the labor market does not work as it should: most jobs are informal (without access to social security), very unstable and unproductive," the report said.


9 November 2017

Plan against gender violence

Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez presented the tenth plan against violence against women since 2008, consisting of 22 concrete measures to reduce the number of murders and other acts of violence against women. This implies that more than 2,600 hospitals and health centers need to keep a log when there are signs of ill-treatment. The treating physicians should help to identify the victim and, if possible, the aggressor as well. In addition, they should inform the prosecutor and police stations.

It is forbidden for the victim to hand over the summons for a hearing or an arrest warrant to a perpetrator, as has often happened. The opening hours of the so-called "Línea Vida", the emergency line for domestic violence (809-200-1202 in Santo Domingo), will also be extended, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The 19 units for the victims of domestic violence (UVG) will be increased by 14 and their accessibility guaranteed until midnight as well as their nationwide coverage.

According to official figures, 80 women have already been murdered by their partners or ex-partners this year. The number of murders of women every year is a long-term average. From 2008 to 2015, more than 1,000 women have been killed.


9 November 2017

Ana Carolina, a model and television presenter, was attacked physically and verbally by a shop owner at the “Downtown Center” in Santo Domingo when she and her team wanted to eat there.

"I went to this store, and this gentleman, along with Dicrim policemen, attacked me in front of everyone in this mall and accused me of being a thief. I stole in 18 stores and my name was Sandra.” Her manager was handcuffed and they wanted to lead him away. He was shown videos of the thief, but this person is a woman who looks like her. "I ask for justice for this aggression against my person", Ana Carolina claims in the social media.


9 November 2017

Ana Carolina accused of being a thief

After the draft budget law for 2018 requested that the tax exemptions for MPs should be reduced, there came fierce protests. Elpidio Báez (PLD) said the exemptions were a "traditional right".

So it was planned to delete the article 16, after which a deputy or senator can get a vehicle up to 100,000 dollars every four years. "Do not ask me to agree to a household and that I like doing that when you restrict my ancestral rights."

Fidelio Despradel, deputy of the party Alianza País, who has voluntarily renounced these exemptions since 16 August 2016, said the budget must meet the needs of citizens, not the privileges of deputies. Given the poverty and marginalization of millions of Dominicans, defending the million-dollar exemption on vehicles is an insult, a ridicule and a betrayal of the Dominican citizen.

Now Puerto Plata's Senator José Ignacio Paliza (PRM, Pic) has announced that he will waive these exemptions. There must be sent signals of changes to the society that must come from the highest levels.

In September last year, Senator Paliza already announced that he would donate his salary increases to charitable institutions in his province.


8 November 2017

"Ancestral rights"

Over 10 million passengers

At the international airports of the Dominican Republic, 10,107,257 passengers were handled on regular scheduled flights with 145,340 arrivals and departures. In addition, there are 1,427,096 passengers at the same terminals who visited the country on charter flights.

Alejandro Herrera, director of the Dominican Institute for Civil Aviation, IDAC, said that between January and October this year, regular and charter flights totaled 11,543,553 passengers. Every month more than a million international visitors come and go, according to Herrera.

Punta Cana Airport has the highest passenger traffic with 4,896,607 guests, followed by Las Américas with 3,124,545 and Cibao in the province of Santiago with 1,152,459. This is followed by Puerto Plata with 653,299, La Romana with 160,241, El Catey 99,952 and El Higüero in Santo Domingo Norte with 20,154 passengers.

Alejandro Herrera said the increasing air passenger traffic is an expression of the growth of the Dominican Republic in the aviation sector, providing security and confidence to operators and passengers.


10 November 2017

China to invest 820 million US$

Fu Xinrong, the representative of the People's Republic of China, with whom the Dominican Republic has no diplomatic relations, said that her country plans to invest 820 million dollars for three projects in the country. This was the beginning of a new era of cooperation. For 60 years, the Dominican Republic has had only diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which the People's Republic of China regards as a secessional province.

"Relations between our two countries are becoming increasingly frequent and close as we are the second economic partner of the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Republic is the second economic partner for China in the Caribbean," said Fu.

The planned investments include the construction of a waste incinerator and gas plant worth 270 million dollars and a multi-purpose hydraulic project for 350 million dollars. Furthermore, the construction of 10,000 low-cost homes for 200 million dollars is planned. However, Fu did not say when these investments will begin.

The Chinese functionary made these statements at the opening of the seventh fair of the People's Republic of China in the Dominican Republic, where, according to their organizers, more than 30 companies from ten Chinese cities are exhibiting.


10 November 2017

Freedom on bail confirmed

The five judges of the Second Penal Chamber of the Dominican Republic Supreme Court have confirmed the release on bail in favor of the two defendants in the Odebrecht scandal, Víctor Díaz Rúa and Ángel Rondón.

Díaz Rúa, a close confidant of former President Leonel Fernández, was "satisfied" with this decision.

The judges have also confirmed the provisional release of Juan Temístocles Montás, Radhamés Segura, Andrés Bautista, Ruddy González, Conrad Pittaluga, Máximo D'Oleo and César Sánchez, the other participants in the bribery scandal, in which, according to the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, bribes of 92 million Dollars had been paid.


14. November 2017

World Diabetes Day

There are about 62 million people with diabetes in America, and it is predicted that the number will continue to increase. This is mainly due to the high rate of obesity and obesity in the region, which is more than double the world average.

Since 1980, the number of people with diabetes has tripled. Most of them live in the US, Brazil and Mexico. There are currently 305,000 deaths from diabetes each year, and by 2040 there will be more than 100 million diabetes cases.

Fabio da Silva Gomes, the regional consultant of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO, Span. OPS), says: "Overweight and obesity increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, which is preventable. In addition, it is difficult to control the diabetes if a person is overweight.”

In Latin America and the Caribbean, about 58 percent of the population is overweight, with the Bahamas (69 percent), Mexico (64) and Chile (63) showing the highest rates. Overweight, obesity and diabetes are also risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Diabetes is a cause of premature death and disability as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, lower limb amputation and blindness.

World Diabetes Day was first celebrated on November 14, 1991. Since 2007, World Diabetes Day has been an official United Nations day.


14. November 2017

53 fatalities due to leptospirosis

The Ministry of Health warns that the hurricanes "Irma" and "Maria" have again increased the number of leptospirosis cases in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the population is called to continue to pay attention to the precautions against this disease and take it seriously.

This includes hygiene, washing of food, especially the cans before they are opened. Above all, people should avoid stepping into dirty and stagnant water. If someone has to enter areas that are flooded, he or she should wear rubber boots.

The leptospirosis pathogens are excreted from rats, dogs, but also other animals with their urine and transferred to humans by skin contact, such as when they enter dirty water.

The death rate of leptospirosis is high: from 626 people who had been infected, 53 died.

According to the Ministry of Health, cases of rabies have also increased by 48 percent compared to 2016. In the last week alone, 506 cases of animal attacks on humans were reported. Most incidents occurred in the Greater Santo Domingo and San Cristóbal area. In total, 37 cases of rabies were reported this year.


13 November 2017

Alex Bueno: "Search for God!"

The popular Dominican singer Alex Bueno (LA PLAYA 143) called on drug users in an interview with journalist Rafael Bello on Channel 41, to recognize their addictions and search for God. He himself was addicted to drugs and alcohol and prayed for a cure until he felt no attraction when he saw a bottle of alcohol. That was almost four years ago.

"First, you have to accept that you are sick. You have to recognize the addiction and accept that you are a drug addict or alcoholic and seek help. Be it family members or friends. You have to look for someone to cheer you on until you make it. Because everything is possible, "says Alex Bueno.

He makes no distinction between illegal drugs and alcohol: "There are simply different types of consumption, but the dependency is the same. They eat the brain, it's the same process. "

"One must ask God from the depth of his soul to help. He will give you the strength. "


13. November 2017